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The BlueStone Press is a newspaper in Ulster County in New York, which serves the towns of Rosendale (where I grew up), Rochester, and Marbletown. These are all areas that I’ve shot many photos of, and are part of what I have focused on in my time in the Hudson Valley.

The August 3rd edition of the BlueStone Press had an article about for which I was interviewed. I am including it here, even with its few misspellings of my last name in tact, and a few slight inaccuracies. Overall I think it was well done and pretty accurate! I wasn’t misquoted or anything…and misspellings of my last name are part of what it’s like to be a Fischer.

Page 6, August 3, 2012, BlueStone Press

Local photographer trades humdrum job for adventure and passion
Taking the road less travelled proves fufilling

Nancy Morrish BSP Reporter

BlueStone Press Article


In 2008, photographer John Fischer was in a bar in Costa Rica sharing a drink and some friendly conversation with a woman from Ireland. He had been romanticizing with her about how great it would be to leave his software job in Boston and travel all over the world. After a few tequila shots, she challenged him to do it and although it took him a while to work up the nerve; today he wishes he could thank her for planting the seed that eventually changed his life.

Fischer and his three siblings grew up in Tillson and he graduated from John A. Coleman Catholic High School in 1996. For the next 14 years or so, he didn’t spend much time in New York other than during his college breaks from Virginia Tech. He did make his way back here though after quitting his Boston job in 2010. Now, when he isn’t taking photos of the sun rising in Yosemite National Park or of sheep trying to stay dry in rainy Scotland, he shares a place with a friend in Hurley.

Taking photos was something that Fischer always enjoyed, even as a kid, but as he grew, so did his passion for snapping subjects like abandoned builclings, glorious sunsets, old rusty trucks or candid shots of strangers. His photos contain such depth and detail that, for example, in his photo of Mount Rushmore, you can almost reach out and feel the cool coarseness of the rough stone beneath your hand. It’s not hard to imagine the salty spray on your face when studying a picture that Fisher took of a lighthouse, taken in California. And even though Fischer has captured photos in various parts of the world and all over the United States, many of his beautiful photos are from right here in Ulster County. For instance, the train trestle or library in Rosendale, the DeWitt Farm in Marbletown or magnificent views from Bonticou Crag. In addition to the natural beauty of this area, Fischer is also fascinated by its industrial history. “I have been focusing a lot on photos that have some element of how humans have affected the landscape, whether it be the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, the Ashokan Reservoir, Skytop at Mohonk or the various lighthouses on the Hudson River:’

His photos have been featured in various magazines and online publications,
but he has no ongoing exhibits. “Right now I’m focusing on taking photos more than displaying them, but that is some-thing I plan to put more time into soon.”

He loves to travel and sometimes he goes with a friend, but often he travels solo. “Even when I’m traveling on my own, I rarely feel alone. I meet lots of people along the way and I visit old friends and relatives which is really great.” Fischer sometimes uses, a global network that matches adventurous people interested in sharing their houses and helping visitors feel at home. Some of the places that he hasn’t been to photograph, but would like to visit include Alaska and the Southeast United States.

To help pay the bills, Fischer has what he affectionately refers to as his “day job.” He works for a trade publication for the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Since he
works remotely, it permits him a flexible schedule, which blends nicely with his photography. The position allows him to work and travel both at the same time, provided there is an Internet connection wherever he happens to be at the time.

Fisher has no regrets about leaving his traditional job in Boston. “I make a lot less money than I used to, but I experience life more fully, so it is all worth it. Really, at this point, I can’t imagine having not done it” And when it comes to relationships and family, he has no children and he’s single; but he adds that just like everything else in his life; that could change at any moment.

Prices for Fischer’s work range from $25 and go up to $500 or more. His photos can be viewed at If you would like to contact him, his e-mail address is or you can call him at 857-472-3071.
BSP information at 687-4480

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